travel kedarnath

travel kedarnath

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yamunotri Yatra

        This time around I have planned to visit the sacred temple of Yamunotri.The tickets to the Ac chair car had been booked and I was enjoying the ride on the Shatabdi express to Haridwar. I really love this train for cleanliness and service that is provided.The climate outside the train was fantastic.There is no trace of sun and through the window of the train greenery, has made the scenery outside as divine
        We reached Rishikesh at 2.00 pm in the afternoon.There I got to know that no bus was available at that time to go to Yamunotri.The bus would leave early in the morning tomorrow.We tried our best to arrange transport for our ride to Yamunotri temple but nothing could be done.At last we were helped by a local policemen to hire a cab to drop us midway at Chiyali saur. We enjoyed the journey in the vehicle ,soaking the scenery outside.We reached Chiyalisaur at 7.00 pm in the evening and had to stay there for night.(No traffic runs after dark in Uttarkashi). We had to reach Dharasu band in the morning to continue our journey at yamunotri.We slept at 9.00 pm and were awakened by the knock on the door.It took us a hour more to dress up and get ready to move.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Travel to Taj Mahal

        The idea of visiting Agra and experiencing the Taj,was of my friend Jijimon.Distant relative of his ,had come from kerala and they desired to see the greatest monument of all times,The Taj mahal.He planned for our weekend at Agra and invited us to be part of it ,and as you know i don't turn down these kind of offers.
Travel to TajMahal

        The D day came and I was more than ready to travel to history.A van was booked which could easily pick up 20 person in one go.It did take us in one go but the real problem was that air condition was not working.That being the hot month of June,we were sweating like anything in the morning itself.We could not do anything about it except complaining to the driver.He was busy driving his van ,unruffled by any comment given by us.The music being played in the van was becoming irritable because of the hot condition of the van.

Mount Abu

       We were hoping to get into new adventure this year and to our utter surprise we were invited to this trip to Rajasthan by my sister-in-law. She organized the whole trip for us and we just had to hop on the train. Though everyone warned about the timing of our trip but in my enthusiasm for traveling I was least bothered about the weather. Our journey by the Rajdhani express was little troubled as our ticket was not confirmed even when our trip had been booked 2 months earlier. Anyhow our seats were confirmed inside the train and we had a sigh of relief. Traveling by the train was always a treat for me. Watching the trees and mountains pass by the window is a fascinating time pass for me. We reached the Abu station around 8 am in the morning. My relative was waiting there patiently for me for our arrival. He arranged for a jeep for us as Mount Abu is around 21 km from the Abu station.
Nakki Lake,MountAbu
watch video Mount Abu

         The weather here was little warm at the station and I hoped to find a cooler temperature at Mount Abu.The jeep was cruising through the roads that had been laid around the Aravalli range.The sun was blazing with heat even though it was only 9am in the morning.The forest surrounding the road was full of kikar trees and I was told that bears and monkeys were a common sight here.To our delight we were able to see some macac monkeys on the roads.Finally we did reach our hotel at around 11 am in the morning ,we rushed for bath there and our stomach were empty so luch was ordered

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Delhi to vrindavan

        It was a short trip that I wanted to make for a long time.It had eluded me for many days but I finally had the time and opportunity to see Vrindavan.A place where Lord Krishna played with gopis and enjoyed the company of his friends.
Lord Krishna at Vrindavan
       It was decided that I would be driving my car in the night from Delhi to Vrindavan.Although I had never driven the car at night but I had to agree.My brother-in-law was driving the other car and I was following him.We had to reach the ISKON temple at Vrindavan at 5.00 am in the morning to attend the morning prayers.I drived fast but I was not able match up to my brother-in-law car speed.He stopped the car and told me"Bhaiya, you are driving very nicely but we need to get down to Vrindavan at 5am in the morning". He asked me to step aside and his friend reached for the driver

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jaipur - The pink city

        A visit to Jaipur was on the cards for many days but the city kept me waiting till many days.Last week I had the chance to visit the royal city of Jaipur.We travelled from Delhi to Jaipur by road and we drove through the highway in our car.The roads were in excellent shape and except for some jams and few toll gates the journey was smooth.
Amer Fort,Jaipur

        We arrived late in Jaipur around 11 pm in the night.The first thing that caught our attention were the gates build around the city.We drove through the city not knowing where to go.The map that we were carrying was a of little help as it didnt show the roads clearly.We were asking for directions but Jaipur has so many choupar that we got confused.Choupar are roundabouts made like game of choupar.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Humayun Tomb, Delhi

                                                                    Humayun tomb
Humayun tomb,Delhi
Humayun tomb video

       One day I had the chance to visit the beautiful Humayun tomb which I had never  seen, even when I live in Delhi. I was ready to explore the beautiful building which was the model , on which later Taj Mahal was built. I reached the Humayun tomb by New HOHO bus which is best to travel around Delhi as it circles round all the major tourist points.
       The gate through which I entered was a small one but what lay inside was enormous. As I entered the Tomb area I was greeted by the guard at the ticket counter. On paying up a petty amount of 10 Rs I was able to take a glimpse into our past.
Isa Khan Tomb
          As soon as I entered I was greeted by the Isa Khan Nayazi tomb, It presents itself on the right side of the entrance on way to Humayun tomb.
         Isa Khan Niyazi was a noble in the court of Sher Shah Suri. This enclosure includes his tomb and a mosque both built during his lifetime. The octagonal tomb, predating the Humayun Tomb by only 20 yrs has striking ornamentation in the form of canopies, glazed tiles and lattice screens. Along the western side of enclosure, the three bay wide mosque has a grand red sandstone central bay and striking mehrabs. Until the early 20thcentury, and entire village had been settled in the enclosure.
Humayun Tomb side view
         Hamida Banu begum, his grieving widow built the Emperor Humayun Mausoleum. Precursor to the Taj Mahal it stands on a platform of 1200 mand reaches a height of 47 metres. The earliest example of Persian influence in the Indian architecture, the tomb has within it over 100 graves earning the name of `dormitory of Mugals’
          Built of the rubble masonry, the structure is the first to use the red sandstone and white marble in such great quantities. The small canopies on the terrace were originally covered in glazed blue tiles and brass finial over the white marble dome is itself 6 m high.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sikkim lake
            My visit to Sikkim started when one fine day, my father asked me to get ready .I asked him for what should I get ready, he told me that we were going to Gangtok. My father had a meeting in Sikkim and I was going along with him. I was so thrilled at that moment, I had never been to any eastern state of India and now was my chance to explore the beauty of Sikkim. My friends were going to Manali at that time but I choose to keep my appointment with Gangtok. I had never traveled by aero plane and this was going to be my first ride across the clouds. The tickets to Bagdogra airport had been booked in advance by my father. I was excited about the tour and more so because of the ride in the plane.